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What is a Tarot Reading?

Tarot readings allow the reader to receive messages, or information, through their deck of tarot cards and relay them to the client. An intuitive tarot reader often has other natural gifts that play into how they read, and how the session flows. 

Intuitive tarot reading allows the cards to act as a focusing point, or a visual cue, to bring clarity to the messages being received from spirit guides, divine source, and the universe. In this style of reading, it common to achieve much greater detail than what would typically be seen with just the use of cards. 

What can I learn from it?

Each reading is different, and depends on the client's intention more than anything else. If you wish to know about a specific topic, be sure to mention it at the beginning of your reading so we can focus on that area. Common topics include:

  • Love and relationships

  • Work and career advancement.

  • Finance

  • Travel and relocation

  • Personal development

We also offer specialty readings that are focused around specific topics and themes.

What if it's bad?

The information received during a tarot reading is based on life as it sits today, which means that, because of free will, you're able to change the outcome if you're not happy with what you're seeing. 

Due to this fact, we try to provide you with different options that are being presented to you, as well as their current outcomes should you pursue it. This allows you to make the best choices for your personal goals.

It is truly rare to have a "bad" reading, however, if we see many challenges ahead, we are happy to work with you to find a solution that benefits you.

Specialty Readings

Specialty readings are available for the following topics:

  • Twin Flame 

  • Animal Guides

  • 12 Month Projection

  • Past Lives

These readings are focused on specific pieces of information, and help to bring about a greater understanding of their respective areas. We offer specialty readings in both a standard and extended format. The extended format offers a much deeper look at the topic.

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