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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a variety of energy healing that aids the recipient in stress reduction while promoting natural healing through the balance and flow of the energy fields of the body. While there are many reiki traditions, the most common is Usui Reiki, which is a Japanese tradition that was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. 

Reiki utilizes universal life force energy, and does not tie into any specified faith, instead it is the divine love that exists within each person and living thing, as well as the universe around us. Reiki does not restrict, challenge or infringe upon your right to believe as you choose. 

Who can receive reiki?

Everyone is a candidate for reiki healing. As reiki does not conflict with or impede other therapies, it can be used to aid in recovery or supplement any other treatments you may be receiving. Some hospitals employ Reiki Masters to provide services to their patients, most commonly in oncology, as it can provide relief from the side effects and discomforts of medical treatments without impairing their efficacy. 

Children, the elderly, expectant mothers, and even pets are all able to enjoy the many benefits of a reiki session. 

What should I expect?

Reiki sessions can be performed hands-on or hands-off. While either method will allow you to receive an equally effective treatment, many state that the experience is much more intense during hands-on sessions. 

We will never ask you to remove your clothes for treatment, as reiki can easily pass through your clothing, however, we do recommend removing your shoes, glasses, and jewelry.

During the session, it's common to see flashes of color, feel temperature changes, and even feel a little tingly.

You said pets?

We did! We are delighted to offer pet reiki, by appointment only, for your pet's safety. 

Pet reiki sessions are typically hands off to ensure that they're able to fully relax and take full advantage of the treatment. We'll gladly work on any animal that is current on vaccinations and is not actively battling a contagious illness. Our most common pet patients are canine companions that suffer from separation anxiety, arthritis and hip dysplasia. 

If your pet does not travel well, or is not up to date on vaccines, talk to us about distance treatments.

What are the benefits?

Everyone can benefit from a reiki session, this is due to the fact that reiki heals the individual on all levels while facilitating a deep state of relaxation. It doesn't stop there, though!

  • Accelerates the body's natural self-healing ability.

  • Helps to release stress and tension.

  • Relieves pain and reduced inflammation.

  • Promotes spiritual growth.

  • Removes energetic blockages balancing the body.

  • Supports the immune system.

  • Aids in the removal of toxins.

  • Eases grief and emotional trauma.

  • Aids in achieving a better night's sleep.

Distance treatments

Science fact: everything is made of energy. 

Distance reiki operates on this idea and with the understanding that if everything is energy, then everything is connected as one continuous field of energy with spots of varying density. 

It is because of this interconnectedness that reiki energy can travel across long distances, allowing us to work with clients that are across town or on the other side of globe. Reiki can even be sent so that it arrives precisely when you need it.

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