Many people have the misconception that healing and spiritual growth is this super zen experience, while in reality it can shake you to your core and throw you way off balance. To help you along this journey to your authentic spiritual self, we've created the Year of Healing package. Purchasing this package allows you to receive a 30 minute healing session each month while enjoying a 15% discount on the price. 
So, how does it work?
Healing sessions use either reiki or crystal healing techniques to remove energetic debris that no longer serves our highest good, and replaces it with universal life force energy that promotes and overall sense of well being while promoting healing within all aspects of our beings - spiritual, physical, emotional.
I've been feeling run down lately, can this help?
It absolutely can! Often times, that run down feeling is the result of energy not moving through the body in an efficient and productive way; a chakra balance will help to remedy this. 
Can I share these with a friend?
Absolutely! While these packages are designed to give you a year of balance, you can absolutely give one to a friend in need!

A Year of Healing

$480.00 Regular Price
$408.00Sale Price

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