Also known as: Sky Stone, Calaite, Callaina, Chalchite, Forizego, Johnite, Turques

Astrological: Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Chakra: 5th or Throat

Numerology: Vibrates to the number 1

Handling: Safe to handle, however, due to copper and aluminum content, wash hands before eating or handling food items. Keep out of reach of pets and small children. 


Turquoise is an amazing addition to your mineral arsenal, it will help reduce and relieve headaches and migraines as well as menstrual pain for starters. If you’re a new mom and breastfeeding, keep this one nearby! Turquoise will help promote production of breast milk. For people who are easily irritable, or have weak immune systems, this is also a stone for you, it will enhance the immune system, and is particularly effective against whooping cough, but will also help to calm irritability, snappiness, and even promote a general sense of well being and relaxation. Cat got your tongue? Carry this stone with you to improve communication! 

Native American legend has it that after a dry spell, they danced and cried from joy when the rains came. As their tears seeped into Mother Earth Sky Stone or Turquoise was formed. It has since be regarded as a spiritual stone with life-giving properties. 

Quick Reference Uses:

breast milk, colds, communication, headaches, irritability, menstruation, migraines, relaxation, throat, whooping cough.

Important Notes:

Turquoise is commonly manufactured by dying howlite, while it may provide a similar look to authentic turquoise it will only have the properties of howlite. Some online sellers will market howlite as white turquoise, by definition, turquoise cannot be white. When shopping for turquoise to add to your collection, be sure to go through a reputable vendor, or ask us about special ordering a piece for you.

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