Rise of the Cold Moon

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Get ready for an interesting ride over the next few days! As we near the end of the year and decade, our final full moon will rise on December, 12 at 12:12 am EST in the sign of Gemini reflecting the light of a Sagittarius sun.

So, what does all this stuff mean? Let's break it down.

Full moon in Gemini shakes up our reality and forces us to be truthfully honest with ourselves. This honestly isn't just surface deep either, it will require us to face those "out of sight, out of mind," truths that we like to hide and shove down deep within ourselves. Light will shine on these uncomfortable areas, and urge us to face them and release what is no longer serving our highest good and highest potential. This is an ideal time for shadow work, facing our inner demons that have been locked in cages, and addressing truths that we have been unable to speak.

The influence of Sagittarius comes into play with our need to be free. It pushes us to dive into our spirituality and seek adventure within the depths of our soul. When you add this to the already potent nudge from Gemini, you'll not only be facing your personal truth, but you'll be seeking the freedom to discuss it with those of like mind and find out what it truly means. This combination will encourage us to seek our true passions and purpose.

There's still more magick hiding in this moon though. The cold moon will bring with it a 12:12:12:12:12 energy activation. Occurring on 12-12-12 (the 12th month, on the 12th day and 2019 reducing to 12), at 12:12am EST, we are set up for some high vibrational energy focused on oneness and completion. This activation will be felt by all, no matter how energy sensitive you are. It will be very likely to feel the pull to rebuilt yourself, casting off the things that no longer serve you, or suddenly feel mundane, and make room for new ideas, projects, and even some healthy boundaries that are long overdue. Important relationships in our lives will begin to transform into their next state of being, as we experience rapid spiritual and personal growth within ourselves. This event will serve as our final, and arguably most powerful, awakening event of not only the year, but the decade.

These rapid changes will be challenging, and it will be important to keep an open and positive mind so that you can make the most of them. This formation of energy will allow our light bodies to travel to new and higher dimensions of being, while integrating new frequencies that allow us to see the world around us through a much broader lens. It will bring with it an increase in universal, divine love that can be used to raise the energetic vibration of the entire Earth.

" 1212 is believed to be the Universal code that can help to activate this energy and it is an omen that your light body is developing and you are raising your level of consciousness to a point where you can perceive things outside of the physical reality. " - Moon Omens

Other Influences in Play

Conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto

Venus rules our love and finances, Saturn can bring into play the feeling of being restricted, and Pluto can add a layer of fear to the table. This is a time of tests, to move past the limits of the mundane and embrace your true purpose from a place of divine love. It will be imperative to not allow Pluto's influence to rule your thoughts, fear will only prevent you from reaching your highest potential. Instead, use this as a time to set firm and thorough boundaries that protect you and keep you grounded.

If you feel relationships around you being to shift, or you feel like there is a requirement to act in a certain way, which an make the holiday season all more complicated. Take a deep breath and refer back to these boundaries that you have established. You are not required to put yourself in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, just to enable someone else's comfort. Trust your intuition, allow it to guide you to the best decision for you. You deserve to be happy and filled with joy, it isn't selfish to seek it out for yourself. Be mindful of the emotions flowing through your heart, and open yourself to new and more productive ways to resolve tension or conflict.

How to Make the Most of it.

  • Take some time to reconsider the boundaries that you have in place and ask yourself if they're still working for you.

  • Turn the journey inward to find the truths that you've hidden away from yourself and be prepared to face them.

  • If relationships feel cold, be patient, we're all doing some serious inner work, even if we don't realize it.

  • Take some time to connect to your spirituality through meditation, journaling, and even ritual.

  • Seek out a mentor or friend who can help you along your journey and provide some information that you may be missing.

  • Approach all situations from a place of love and compassion - even the difficult ones.

  • Charge your tools - this is some powerful, transformational energy, harness it to use later!

  • Make moon water - this is the last full moon of the decade and it's backed with some seriously high vibrations.

  • Engage your intuition through tarot, pendulums, or other divination tools.

  • Set aside some time for meditation.

  • Above all, be patient with yourself and others.

The effects of this huge energetic event will last for about 2 weeks, but will be most potent

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