Pendulums and How To Use Them

For many who are hesitant to delve into the world of tarot or runes, a pendulum is fantastic starting place. Pendulums will answer basic yes or no questions and can also be used to check for blocked chakras. Additionally, pendulums and similar items have been used to determine the gender of an unborn child. An important note to keep in mind, is that pendulums can also be influenced by your own energy, especially if you feel strongly about something, resulting in a false reading. It is important to remain clear minded and grounded when seeking answers.

Choosing a pendulum

Typically, any stone, our spiritual item in general, that is meant for you will call to you. It could be that it catches your eye immediately, or after touching it you keep returning to it. If more than one speaks to you, hold the chain in your dominant hand, with the stone in front of your heart, and focus on the stone. Ask it to move, either aloud, or focusing on the thought. You want to see some sign of movement, a gentle swing, or a jitter. Either of these results would indicate that a stone is willing to work with you. If you have a stone that you are particularly drawn to, that is normally a good option also.


As you don’t know who else has come into contact with your new tool, you will want the cleanse and consecrate it for your own use. This can be done with white sage or palo santo in just a matter of minutes. White sage and palo santo burn like incense, their smoke is aromatic and works to shift and clear energy of items, people, and spaces. Once lit and smoldering, allow the smoke to flow over the items you wish to cleanse. Using a feather to fan the smoke and direct it can also be useful, as it allows you to control how the smoke moves.

While not necessary, adding a statement of intent is also helpful when cleansing and consecrating items. My personal go-to is:

May this item be filled only with energy that serves my highest good. All other energies are now cast out and returned to the earth that they may be transformed.

Starting to use your pendulum

How you begin using your pendulum will depend on your end goals. If your sole intent is divination you’ll want to take some time to bond with your pendulum either through meditation, or by keeping it with you. When you feel that you have a strong connection With it, you’ll want to start working with it.

During this bonding period, take a few minutes each day and ask your pendulum aloud to show you yes and no. After asking it to show you a response, allow it a few moments to start swinging. This helps you to familiarize yourself with how your pendulum communicates its answers.

I recommend coming up with a list of basic questions to start with, some of which you know the answers to, and some that are unknown. You’ll want to create a peaceful practice space, make yourself comfortable, then clear your mind of distractions. Once this has been done, take the chain of your pendulum in your dominant hand and ask the first question. This can be done by asking aloud, or by focusing on the question mentally.

Allow your pendulum time to respond.

Just as you did during the bonding period, allowing your pendulum a chance to respond is necessary. Over time you'll notice that the responses will become obvious much quicker. The speed at which the response occurs is based on your bond with and confidence in using the pendulum.

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