Mercury Retrograde - Survival Edition

You're more than likely already feeling the effects of pre-shadow, or the period of time right before a planet enters retrograde. Mercury rules over many aspects of our life, including communication, travel, contracts, cars, and electronics. During retrograde, these areas of our lives frequently seem to misfire or just go completely berserk without much notice. Don't panic though, we're here to help! Check out these tips and tools to keep you right as rain through retrograde.

Crystal Buddies

Black Tourmaline is a serious must have and not just because of retrograde. Black tourmaline in a natural energy filter, think of it like a crystal kidney, removing energetic debris that would hinder you from being at your best on a day to day basis. During retrograde, black tourmaline works twice as hard to keep you balanced, grounded, and on your A game. Though most commonly found in its rough state, we've recently been able to bring some amazing tumbled pieces in that are perfect for pockets.

Pyrite shields you with it's unique aura of protection, pushing away the energetic funk of retrograde and also helping you to stay aligned with your financial goals. This high energy powerhouse is perfect for keeping you on task while providing the solar plexus with the extra energy it needs to function optimally.

Fluorite affects the upper 4 chakras, allowing us to communicate clearly and from the heart. As Mercury likes to play games with our ability to communicate, this is an absolute must-have for a happy retrograde. Fluorite also keeps us in tune with our higher self and intuition, ensuring that we make the best possible decisions. As another high energy stone, it will aid in alleviating the lethargy and fogginess that tends to accompany retrograde.


Black salt is an amazing negativity neutralizer, and it works just as effectively on retrograde energy. Add some black salt to a bath, or even make a black salt spray to detoxify the aura and raise energy levels. If others in your home are also heavily affected, place a small amount above doors that come into the home, either in a pouch, or just left sitting on the door frame.

Retrograde Herbal Bath

  • Lavender

  • Rose

  • Sage

  • Mugwort

Combine herbs in equal parts by volume. Add 1/2 cup of herbal mixture, and 1/2 cup sea salt or black salt to bath water.

Gently stir water until all salt is dissolved, and soak for at least 30 minutes.

This herbal bath is a full-body energetic cleansing that will help you clear out imbalances in, and brighten, the aura. Utilize this retrograde tip at least once per week during retrograde. Salt quantity can be increased if desired.

To prevent herbs from sticking to everything (including you), utilize a tea ball or muslin bag; this will also ensure that it doesn't get stuck in the drain.

Palo santo and white sage should be used frequently to cleanse the energy of your home, but you may feel the need to smudge more often during retrograde. These two herbs are wonderful for shifting energy to a more uplifting, positive state, and will also drive out negative or stagnant energy and entities alike. Think of these two as nature's energetic disinfectant.

Do's and Don'ts of Retrograde

1. Don't initiate. Do finish old projects.

Your new idea or plan may seem perfectly thought out, and as fantastic as it may seem, don't cut the ribbon just yet. Instead, set this new project aside for a bit and utilize this time to revisit old projects that have been sitting on the back burner for a while. Tie up loose ends and clear the board so that you can devote 100% of your attention to your new project when retrograde ends.

2. Don't impulse shop for major items. Do compare options or pad your savings.

It's easy to give in to the joys of instant gratification, and as much as you might want to, hold onto your pyrite and display some serious willpower! As this round or retrograde spans Black Friday, shop carefully, and make sure to compare all options before committing to buy. If the item you're after has moving parts or electronic parts, it may be best to wait altogether until Mercury returns to its direct state, as there's a good chance you could face an unexpected glitch or default with it being Mercury's territory.

As a complete alternative, instead of spending money while Mercury is creeping around and up to no good, add a little extra to your savings. This boost to your bank balance could be the extra you need for that perfect big ticket item later.

3. Don't sign new contracts, instead Do renegotiate terms.

Whether this contract is for a lease, car loan, mortgage, job, or even a marriage; try to put it off until Mercury is direct. If you choose to move forward with these contracts, there's a fair chance that a series of unfortunate misunderstandings will cause them to face significant difficulties and possibly fall apart altogether. You time is better used to review your options, and re-evaluate the situation and terms before signing on that dotted line. It's also a great time to renegotiate interest rates on credit cards, loans, and mortgages, as well as wages. Take a step back and really re-examine different areas of your life that are bound by contracts, and consider what you would like to improve. Start the negotiation process, but be sure that all signature come at the end of retrograde.

4. Don't shoot the messenger. Do breathe and think before acting.

Communication snafus seem to climb out of the woodwork during retrograde, often making people that we talk to on a regular basis come off as rude or callous when that isn't their intention. If you're faced with one of these situations, don't fly off the handle and start an argument, instead take a deep breath and consider what was actually meant before responding. Taking a couple extra seconds to compose a proper reply in your head will also ensure that you aren't misunderstood.

Think of retrograde as a quarterly review period that allows you to renew yourself, your commitments, and your priorities. While this chaotic time can be stressful, understand that it's ultimately an exercise in going with the flow and rejuvenating our spirits by clearing out clutter. Speaking of rejuvenation, use this time to schedule a massage, reiki or crystal healing session, tarot reading, or even just some time for quiet reflection and meditation.

Keep an eye out for more Retrograde survival tips!

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