Have a Magickal New Year

As both the year and the decade near a close, we are presented with a chance to focus on new goals and projects, as well as an opportunity to grow within ourselves. To help you kick off the new year in a truly magickal way, I've put together a guide to my favorite new year tools and practices.


Whether you're looking to dig deep into self love, manifest your dream career, deepen your connection to your spirituality, or just rid yourself of negativity, there's a crystal for that! Here are some fantastic combinations to carry with you, or meditate with.

Self Love

Pink Tourmaline, Strawberry Quartz, Danburite, Aventurine.

These four stones pack a punch! Pink tourmaline connects us to self love and self care, encouraging us to ensure that our needs are met compassionately. Strawberry quartz eases anxiety around self worth and boosts self esteem, allowing us to see our true worth. Danburite empowers us to forgive ourselves for mistakes that we've made, or moments that we consider to be failures. It promotes a sense of joy and brings laughter back to the heart. Aventurine is the foundation of personal growth, and encourages us to push a litter further every day. Together, these stones are a fantastic grouping for connecting to your higher self and learning to love and appreciate the amazing, magickal being that you are, while seeing your true potential.

Money and Career Manifesting

Pyrite, Citrine, Aventurine

Gold and green, the colors of wealth and prosperity! Pyrite is the core of this trio, and not only attracts money and opportunity to us like a magnet, it also protects our finances and aura from ill wishers. Citrine empowers us to chase our dreams and seek out the opportunities we need to feel successful while boosting our prosperous nature. Aventurine encourages our finances to grow, while ensuring that our heart isn't tainted by greed. As a stone of abundance, it ensures that our opportunities to manifest the funds that we need are plentiful.

Spiritual Connection

Fluorite, Celestite, Ammonite

Often times, we must first look back before we can look forward. Ammonite connects us to our roots, our ancestors, and our spirit guides, allowing us to receive the guidance we need to move forward within our spiritual practice. Fluorite, also known as genius stone, assists us in retaining the knowledge we need, and facilitates our connection to divine or source energy. Working with the upper four chakras (heart, throat, third eye, and crown), fluorite is an often underappreciated rock star in this category, as it will also aid us in our communication with ancestors, spirit guides, and other messengers. Celestite is a stone of serene calm and connection to spirit guides. In moments when we feel forgotten, this stone will bring us back to center and remind us to reconnect. This is also a fantastic stone to aid in meditation.

Kicking Low Vibes to the Curb

Smoky Quartz, Pyrite, Pink Tourmaline

Normally, I would 100% recommend black tourmaline over everything else, and it can be added to this combination if you need an extra boost of protective energy, but the more I work with this combination, the more I absolutely love it. Smoky quartz wraps us in protective, grounding energy without making us feel drained or heavy. It connects us to the stability of the Earth beneath our feet. Pyrite emits a uniquely protective energy of auric protection. It prevents the chaos of the world around us from infecting our energy body while empowering us to manifest our dreams. Pink tourmaline keeps our heart open so we don't become closed off from the world, but instead are able to act compassionately toward those in need without draining our own resources.


Shungite, Bloodstone, Emerald

If you're ready for a healthier version of yourself, this combination is a must have! Shungite is known as the miracle stone, and is the only stone known to exist that contains all natural elements of the periodic table. In other parts of the world, it's been documented to aid in reversing the effects of cancer. Shungite protects from EMF radiation, and encourages healthy cell regeneration and detoxification. Bloodstone supports our heart, kidneys, and lymphatic system, removing toxins from the body, and ensuring that our hear keeps working effectively. Emerald boosts the immune system and assists in recovering from heart-related conditions. You can add Super 7 or amethyst to this trio to aid in pain management, headache control, and insomnia.


New Year Incense Blend

1 part Rosemary

1 part Lavender

1 part Copal

1 part Sandalwood

1/4 part Dragon's Blood

Mix these herbs together to cleanse away the burdens of the previous year and clear the way for manifesting! You can burn this on charcoal as incense, or add it to a gris gris bag.

Renewal Tea




Mix equal parts of these three herbs to boost the physical and energetic bodies with new vibrant energy. This fruity brew boosts the immune system while offering protection, inspiration, and connection to your higher self.

A Simple New Year's Ritual

Create a list of habits, ideas, items, or even people that you would like to let go of. When your list is complete, cut the items into individual slips of paper.

Create a list of your top 9 desires and goals for the new year, and find pictures to represent them.

You'll need a poster board, pin board, or other larger piece of paper/cardboard and a fire-safe dish. I also recommend having the incense blend above on hand, as well as a green candle for this ritual.

Call circle as you normally would.

Light the green candle and state, "This candle is a furnace for growth, it takes what is no longer needed, and transforms it into fuel for the coming year."

Take your individual slips of paper with the items that you wish to release, and one-by-one read them aloud and light them off of the green candle. When all slips have been burned state: "I release from my life all of these things that bring me strife."

Take the pictures of your desires and goals and hold them up in front of you, one-by-one, and state clearly the goal or desire associated with it as if it's currently happening (ex: I am taking the vacation I have always dreamed of).

After going through all 9 items, arrange them on the poster or pin board, when you're content with their placement, state clearly: "My desires are actively manifesting, I draw to myself all that I need to make them a reality."

Place a pinch of the incense blend on charcoal, and sit for a moment in meditation as it burns. Use this time to visualize the moment of completion for your desires. Be sure to tap into the energy of that moment, the emotion.

When you've finished, close circle as you normally would and display your finished pin board in an area where you will see it often. Take the ashes from the items that are being released and scatter them to the wind.

Be sure to spend a few minutes each day with your pin board, go back to your meditation, connect with the emotion of completion, and consider how grateful you will be.

I personally enjoy following up this ritual with a cup of the renewal tea, and generally leave a small cup as an offering for all spirit guides, ancestors, and deities that are aiding me.

If you would like more information about the items and practices mentioned in this article, feel free to send me a message, I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. If you'd like to purchase the items discussed, many are available through the shop now tab, but if you aren't seeing something that you're looking for, reach out. as we have many items in store that are available in limited quantity.

From all of us here at Labyrinth Walking, have a happy and safe new year!

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