Crystals to Survive the Holidays

The holiday season can be one of the most overwhelming parts of the year for many people. Between going shopping for gifts and facing large crowds of people, and surviving family gatherings that can often times be chaotic and even uncomfortable, the holidays can present significant challenges for those who are empathic or easily overwhelmed. To help you get through to holidays gracefully, we've created a list of our favorite stones for coping with overwhelm and the anxiety that often accompanies it.


Amazonite is a member of the feldspar family of minerals that works with the throat and heart chakras to help us speak our truth from a place of understanding and compassion. This is fantastic for those heated family debates and maintaining your composure when placed in a stressful situation. This stunning stone is also wonderful for connecting you to a state of serene calm when you need it most.


Amethyst is a must have in any crystal collection just because of its versatility. As a member of the quartz family, amethyst will help to amplify your other crystals while adding its own flair for relaxation to the mix. Amethyst helps us connect to our higher self, encouraging us to do when best serves our highest good and help to eliminate brain fog and headaches. It reminds us to un-clench our bodies and breathe easily by supporting us through the moments when overwhelm threatens to knock down the door.


Labradorite is a uniquely protective stone, as it shields the aura from outside influence and energy leaks while working with all of the chakras to maintain a state of balance. If you can choose only one stone from this list to keep with you, make it this one. Not only does labradorite offer protection, it also helps to ease anxiety and allows us to see the true intentions of those around us, taking the guesswork out of the conversation.


Working to settle anxiousness, lepidolite is a fantastic companion piece for the holidays. Created from natural lithium and quartz deposits, this mica included gem eases our mind and helps to alleviate depression that can rear its ugly head periodically. Lepidolite is exceptionally useful for those with PTSD and promotes a sense of inner peace in times of transition and stress.

Smoky Quartz

Protective, grounding smoky quartz is fantastic year round, but truly shines at the holidays. Reminding us to keep ourselves firmly rooted, smoky quartz helps us to release energies that are in excess or that don't serve us. This can include that feeling of overwhelm that can be so incredibly draining. Hold onto smoky quartz in your projecting hand when overwhelm and anxiety starts to creep in and allow it to be carried away.

Black Tourmaline

Natures energetic kidney. Just like your kidney removes all of the toxins from your body, black tourmaline removes energetic toxins from the energy body. If you find yourself in chaotic, hostile, or generally negative situations, black tourmaline is an ideal fit for you as it will help to filter off those energies, allowing you to remain light and calm. Black tourmaline does an amazing job of removing low vibes, but does require regular cleansing. I recommend pairing it with selenite for this reason. Selenite will help keep your black tourmaline cleansed and at its best to work for you.

Pink Tourmaline

A stone of compassion and divine love, pink tourmaline promotes genuine, heartfelt interactions and compassion for all living things. While these properties are useful and help us to experience connections rooted in love, pink tourmaline shines as a stone of self love and often emits a sensation of a warm hug or blanket being wrapped around you. It brings to the table a level of divine comfort that is unparalleled by other stones with similar properties. Also known as rubellite, pink tourmaline helps us set healthy boundaries and care for ourselves as well as others, keeping our energy balanced.

Whether your using one or all of these stones, be sure to cleanse them regularly to see the best results. If you're not sure how to cleanse your crystals, reach out, as not all crystals are compatible with all cleansing methods. Ultimately, when it doubt, smudge it out! Use sage or palo santo smoke (burned like incense) to carry away any energy that doesn't belong. This method is safe for all crystals.

When carrying your crystals, be sure to keep them on your person, that's where they're able to interact best with your energy body. While is may be easier to throw them in a purse, they won't be as effective there. I recommend placing them in a small cloth pouch so you don't have to worry about them getting lost.

Crystals are supportive care for our physical and energetic bodies but they don't replace the care of a physician or mental health professional.

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