Changes to Events and Services

We know that this is a frustrating and trying time for many, and we're also sure that you're tired of seeing a flood of emails from various companies detailing their plans for Coronavirus/COVID-19. Below, you can find the details of what you can expect from us going forward as we face the surreal world of living with a global pandemic.

Effective immediately

  • We will be suspending in-person reiki and crystal healing sessions, distance or remote sessions will still be available. If you have a session scheduled, we will be reaching out to you to discuss your options over the next 24 hours. As many members of our staff are in regular contact with someone who is considered highly vulnerable, we are taking this measure to protect our friends and family, as well as our at-risk customers.

  • We have delayed announcing details for Ostara as a result of this outbreak, and out of an abundance of caution and care for those in our community that are immunocompromised and highly vulnerable to this infection we have decided to cancel this event. We will be holding a live-streamed event, however, that you can participate in from home.

  • Meet-ups and Meditations will be suspended for the time being. We will be taking measures to implement an interactive online replacement for these events to help everyone stay connected. These events will be taking place over Discord. Please keep an eye on the Facebook page for a link to the server so you can join when it becomes available.

  • Classes will be moved to an online option for the time being, if you are enrolled in one of our classes, please be on the look out for information regarding changes in class structure. This may take a few days to iron out the details of, but know that we are actively working to implement a viable solution.

Beginning Thursday, March 19, 2020

  • All services, including tarot readings, will be provided on a remote basis until further notice.

If the situation should become more severe, we will continue to serve the community for as long as we are able to do so, but there will be some changes to procedure. As long as we are able to do so without significant risk, we will continue to offer normal business hours with normal shopping practices.

If the risk should rise to a level that we feel is no longer safe for our at-risk family members, we will move to an order-ahead system. If this becomes necessary, we will ask that you call or message us ahead of your visit and tell us what you would like to purchase, we will then email you an invoice and package the items ahead of your arrival. When you arrive, and once the invoice has been paid, we will ask you to send us a message to let us know that you have arrived. At this point, we will place your items outside the door for you to come collect. Please understand that this is reserved for extreme situations only, this will not be going into affect at this time. It is in the interest of transparency that we are detailing our plans, and so that we can prepare all of you for what could be coming.

It is our goal to support the community as best we can while ensuring the safety of our staff, our customers, and all of our families.

Please stay safe, be kind to each other, and as always, thank you for your support and understanding.

Bright Blessings to each of you! -Bri

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