5 Must-Have Crystals for Protecting Your Home

We all strive to have a space that meets our personal needs and allows us to relax, de-stress, and decompress. While many are familiar with cleansing their space of unwanted energies, many struggle to maintain that peaceful feeling afterward. to help you protect your home from that feeling of chaos I've compiled a list of crystals that can be used to protect your home, office, or sacred space.


Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that aids us in maintaining a environment that supports our goals, dreams, and highest good. This crystal provides assistance in the manifestation of what we need while removing obstacles that stand in our way.

In this case, we need a calm, peaceful, and protected environment; as such, the best way to utilize selenite is through it's ability to cleanse away any energy that isn't supporting those needs. By placing selenite above doors and windows, we are able to "sweep" each person and item that comes into our home, removing any energy that isn't for our highest good in the process. This also creates the first part of a protective crystal barrier at the outer edges of our space.

When selenite removes negative energies, it quickly transmutes it into positive, creative energy that can work well within the space. Unlike many other crystals on this list, selenite is completely self maintaining, meaning that it will cleanse and recharge itself continuously, you can literally set it, and forget it.

Black Tourmaline

An incredibly protective stone, black tourmaline helps to filter off negative energy and energetic toxins, much like a crystal kidney. Associated with root chakra, this crystal provides connection to the earth and wraps us in its protective energy, allowing us to release anything that we may have collected throughout the day. Black tourmaline also provides us with a sense of stability and security, which are essential for feeling comfortable in our own space.

Selenite and black tourmaline work wonderfully together to filter off negative energy and promote a sense of calm, stable, well being. Placing black tourmaline in the corners of a room, and selenite along the baseboards at the center of the walls, allows us to create a fully functional crystal barrier of protection. The selenite helps to keep the black tourmaline charged and cleansed, and black tourmaline effectively filters out any energy that isn't for our highest good. These two crystals working together also provides us with a meeting place of spiritual and physical, creating the perfect environment for manifesting our dreams and desires.

If you choose to use black tourmaline on it's own, be sure to cleanse it regularly, as it will hold onto anything that it filters off.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz works on multiple levels, cleansing away toxins both within our physical bodies, and within our home. When we remove toxins, from our space and body, we create an environment that isn't favorable to lower vibration, making hard, if not impossible, for it to exist. One of the unique qualities of smoky quartz is its ability to remove negative energy while still providing the uplifting essence and amplifying properties of clear quartz.

As smoky quartz also works to remove toxins from the physical body and boost our immune system, it's incredibly useful during cold and flu season to keep everyone protected from the slew of illnesses that often run rampant. In the event that you do pick up one of the seasonal bugs, smoky quartz will also help you recover much more quickly.

Due to its versatile nature, I place smoky quartz around the home, typically next to each bed, and also next to each door that opens to the outside world. Using this configuration allows you to also create a barrier against nightmares and sleep difficulties while placing a ward, of sorts, at your door to drive away any energies that aren't for your highest good.


With its shiny, metallic surface, hematite reflects away any energy that doesn't support our growth and progress. It keeps us rooted in our sense of self and personal identity while wrapping us in an aura of protection. Associated with the root chakra, this stone is also fantastic for reminding us to stay grounded. When we're grounded, and centered within the root chakra, we emit an energy aligned with stability and security, easily discarding anything that doesn't serve us.

Hematite also works on the physical level, assisting the body with removing toxins and impurities that would otherwise add strain to the kidneys and liver. Mentally, hematite alleviates panic and allows us to return to center from a stressful state.

Place Hematite in areas that are used for meditation, rest, and relaxation. Personally, I place them under mattresses and couches to provide a fantastic area to destress at the end of the day, as well as getting a good night's sleep.


Not commonly considered as a protective stone, pyrite operates in a similar manner to hematite, reflecting away negative energies and intentions that do not serve us. This stone emits a highly protective aura that is truly unique and unmatched in its ability to shield us from anything that would interfere with our goals or mindset. These properties make pyrite exceptionally useful when guarding against psychic attack. If you have a space dedicated to meditation or divination practices, pyrite would serve you well if added to the perimeter of the room, either in the corners, or below windows.

Associated with monetary abundance, pyrite will also protect valuables that are stored within your home. Place pyrite in safes, change jars, or with other valuables to protect your finances.

To help you get started with protecting your home, and yourself, against energies that don't support our highest good, I've put together a fantastic Protection Crystal Kit that's now available in our online store. Quantities are limited, so be sure to grab yours before they're all gone!

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