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Labyrinth Walking opened its doors in August of 2013, occupying only a small 10' by 10' booth at a local flea market. While this is where our journey in Myrtle Beach started, it is far from the beginning of our story. Labyrinth Walking is a version 2.0 of sorts, born from a dream that emerged in 1998 and made its debut in Massachusetts as The Labyrinth. Originally fully operated as a mother-daughter team, The Labyrinth was one of many metaphysical stores in a state rich with history of witch trials and hauntings. In just a short, two year period, our small shop grew, and flourished. 

In the summer of 2000, our family relocated to Ohio, and it was with heavy heart that we closed the doors of our first home. Upon our arrival we were able to find a new location and successfully relocate not just our family, but also the shop that was such a huge part of lives. For 5 years we welcomed many new faces as they walked through our doors, hosted events for the local community, and offered our first classes. We became a safe haven for all who wished to learn, grow, and find themselves. Though our shop continued to grow, the neighborhood around us began to fall into disrepair, and was eventually overcome by the struggles of a teetering economy. The world around us, and our lives, were changing. Brighid was in college now, and Charlotte had accepted a job offer two hours away. In February of 2005, The Labyrinth closed its doors for a final time. 

After relocating to Myrtle Beach, Brighid and Charlotte had discussed, many times, the idea of opening a new shop to serve the community, as they had found that there was a lack of such businesses in the area. 5 years later, in 2013, the duo made their debut in Myrtle Beach, renting just a single table to offer tarot readings for a weekend. By the end of their two days, Brighid had decided that she was going to rent a full time booth at the same flea market, and slowly start rebuilding. Charlotte was an integral part of launching what would now be known as Labyrinth Walking. For the first two years, the duo juggled full time jobs and shifts at Labyrinth Walking, until such a time that Brighid was able to let go of her second job and truly focus on her passion. 

Today, Labyrinth Walking no longer occupies a small flea market booth, and instead finds its home in Socastee Plaza. Our mission continues to be serving our local community by offering events, classes, services and high quality products. We are always happy to answer questions, share knowledge, and offer our guidance. We are a safe haven to those who seek growth, knowledge, and understanding. 

Why Labyrinth Walking?

When Brighid and Charlotte originally named The Labyrinth, it was because of our family's love of the movie, but also because a labyrinth was used for walking meditations and spiritual connections. As this was no longer a dream in its infancy, it was time for the name itself to undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, and become Labyrinth Walking. Brighid chose Labyrinth Walking to pay tribute to her family's history, and the dream that had survived all those years, but also because this was the progression of that dream, it was still actively growing. To walk a labyrinth is to connect with your higher self, your spirit guides, and whichever deity you choose to work; it's about finding connection with the world around you, being present in the moment, and finding a sense of spiritual and personal growth. 

About Us 


Labyrinth Walking is a soul-centered metaphysical store, on a mission to aid both the novice and experienced practitioner alike in achieving their goals for spiritual development and wellness. 

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