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What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is the art of laying stones on the body in a manner that promotes healing. During your initial consultation we'll discuss stones and crystals that will provide you with the benefits that best serve your needs. Once we've selected the best stones for you, we'll begin your session in our dedicated healing space. 

Once the stones are placed on the body, a transfer of energy occurs between the body and the crystals being used. This allows areas of the body that are low in energy to receive what they need, while areas that are beyond capacity are balanced.

What can I expect?

Your part of the session is easy, just arrive for your appointment a few minutes early, as there will be some paperwork that we'll need to fill out before your session. This paper work allows us to track progress overtime and also helps us to better understand any patterns you may be experiencing. 

Once your questionnaire is complete, we'll go over the details with you, to help you understand our assessment of it and create a treatment plan for you. From this point on, you get to lay back and relax, literally!

How do I know it's working?

Each person experiences energy work differently, however, most people will experience a deep sense of relaxation during their session. Other common sensations include: 

  • Tingling around the areas where a stone is placed.

  • Hot or cold sensations.

  • Seeing flashes of color.

  • Feeling weightless.

  • Past life recall.

  • Feeling like you're wrapped in a warm blanket.

What if I don't feel anything?

This is also completely normal, and doesn't mean that the treatment isn't working. As crystal healing is a variety of subtle energy, not everyone is sensitive to it, but that doesn't mean you aren't receptive. In fact, with repeat sessions, you'll find that you begin to feel more of this energy exchange taking place as you're becoming more sensitive to the process. 

The important thing is to relax and welcome the energy you're receiving, this will allow you to experience the best results during and after your session. 

What are the benefits?

Similar to Reiki sessions, crystal healing provides the body with the energy needed to heal at all levels; emotional, physical, and spiritual. Those who take on a regular treatment regiment enjoy the following benefits and more:

  • Reduced pain in chronic pain sufferers.

  • Deeper meditative states.

  • Improved sleep

  • Faster recovery from illness and injury.

  • Stronger immune system.

  • Reduced stress, worry, and anxiety

  • Does not interfere with medical treatments.

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